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6 – Stuff Inner-City Students Like (Visiting the “Weed” Man with Mama)

not crack

Today, my students were given the assignment of collaborative essay writing.  Somewhere in between brainstorming and outlining, two students who were sitting the closest to me began to discuss the ills of living with mothers who are always saying that there is no money.

G1: “Oh, girl, yeah I know…my mama is always talkin’ bout she ain’t got no money, but why she be turnin’ the corner to the weed man house when she sayin’ it?”

G2:“-And goin’ right to the do…”

G1:“Umm Hmm” 

 Oh the irony; Mama had enough money to buy “weed!”

 Apparently, Inner-City students like to visit the weed man with Mama…


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