17 – Underprivileged and Oversexed

05 May

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…I think this guy is SICK (in EVERY sense of the word)!

As he speaks, he warns his viewers that he is going to announce names…names of the people he has PURPOSEFULLY infected with HIV…the muscles all over my body tense. Why? I know that he’s not going to call my name. But what if he calls the name of someone I actually know? Ugh!

…And then it is roll call…fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen-year-olds…he names virgins…males…he is indiscriminate as to how he spreads his liquid hatred…I am incredulous…my bones are trembling beneath my skin…this has touched me, and not much does these days…

Then I began to THINK about what he was saying…albeit sick, disgusting, uncomfortable, etc. to face…what he is saying (his reasoning) needs to be dissected because I have teen-aged students, nieces, and cousins whom of which I would never want to encounter the likes of this “man.”

As a teacher, I hear “talk.” Yes, the kids think I’m too old to know what they’re talking about…but most times (in this inner-city environment) they have no reverence for my age because their mother is my age, too…which is too young to have a teen! Their mother is their “friend”…or something of that strange sort. Where I teach, girls get pregnant and have babies like I refill my monthly allergy prescriptions! And the thought always crosses my mind…Why didn’t they use a condom before having sex? In fact, I remember a male student of mine asking me why I did not have any children…I explained that I was waiting for marriage. He looked confused…VERY confused! Then he said, “You wait, one day it will just happen.” And I said, “This is 2008! There’s no reason as to why something like that should just happen! Catch my drift?” He nodded and looked away. That was the end of that conversation.

These girls are LUCKY to only get pregnant and not contract any of the other sexually contactable and non-returnable goodies…and by non-returnable I mean that there is no pill, powdered drink, or salve that will return that bad decision-made-tangible to the clinic! My students talk about the sex they have with their boyfriends…who are oftentimes GROWN-ASS MEN…I had a student proclaim, in the middle of class, “Ms. Friendly, I’m a hoe! You wanna know how many n***s I done fucked?”

Another student, on Valentine’s Day said, “I love my man cause he pays for all of my abortions and then he takes me to Red Lobster.” …Her “man” is twenty-six and she is fifteen, the same age as the prior student I mentioned.

I have a male student who pretends to like girls, but REALLY like boys…in fact, he prefers GROWN MEN! He told one of my colleagues, “I can’t take being around you anymore because I really want to fuck you.” My colleague, of course, called the student’s mother for a parent/teacher conference. The mother said, “Sometimes *Steve doesn’t come home at night because he is spending the night with strange men.” Oh my God! And she knows this?

So what happens when/if one day these kids ever come across the likes of this HIV-spreading sicko?

As a community of parents and teachers, I believe we must do a better job of providing REALISTIC information for teens about sex. Not that crap about: Don’t do it! That shit may have worked for me because…well…have you met my family? (lol) But not everyone has a family unit like the one I grew up with…real talk. And if we want to keep these kids safe (and I do), then we have got to learn how to talk to them…REALISTICALLY!

This sicko says that it is the ghetto, inner-city mentality of wanting a man with an expensive car, money, and nice clothes that gave these people HIV…not him. He claims that these girls gave themselves, without abandon, for want of the material…and I understand what he is saying…and what if those same girls had better self-esteem, role models, goals…something else to set their sights on other than the attainment of a guy in a Jaguar?

Okay adults…I am giving you some homework here. Refer back to post #9, note the picture…the theme…get your head out of your ass and TALK to your kids; It may save their life one day!


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5 responses to “17 – Underprivileged and Oversexed

  1. art

    May 7, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Fascinating blog. Your counterpart in the UK

  2. Adisa

    May 18, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Trashman has already been exposed as someone who concocted this hoax to promote his (low grade) porn site.

    In short, he hasn’t infected anyone with HIV.

    It’s a tasteless hoax, yes. But just a hoax.

  3. msfriendly

    May 18, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    Adisa…yes, I figured that Trashman may be a hoax, but the willingness of these young girls/boys to give of themselves so freely is still the reality.

    The hatred for women was still in the timbre of his voice and scary people like really do exist. The message to parents, needing to know what their teens are doing sexually, is still the defining point.

    …and you’re right…it was a tasteless hoax!

    Thanks for visiting the site!

  4. lisa

    May 28, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    How did I even get to this blog? I think it was off the Stuff White People Like blog, which kills me in such a great way. But this kills me in another way – in a way that moved me to comment, which I rarely ever do, for fear of engaging too much in my ego, and not enough in introspection. Regardless, this is what freaks me, hoax be-damned, what has happened? Suddenly I’m old, suddenly my high-school drama (skipping school, playing quarters, blacking out, having sex with three guys in one day) is really just antics. It’s as if a whole generation of sociopathic consumeristic thugs and the hoes that love them has sprung up at my feet. I disagree that this is just an inner-city phenom, as purported in the hoax; the empire has crumbled. And I, like many others I know, feel paralyzed. Crack open a beer and watch as our society hemorrhages. It will be ironic. And don’t we deserve it? Does anyone remember how this country began?

    (land stolen with disease, rape, pillage, and death…one of my favorite got milk spoofs, “got land? thank an indian.”)

    I don’t want to be too polarizing and nutty, but, the g*oddamn chickens might be coming home to roost! This insanity is a national f*cking crisis that insane evangelicals are capitalizing and polarizing on (having “Father-Daughter Purity Balls” in Colorado Springs where daughters pledge celibacy until marriage in front of God and her father), and nothing is right, the kids aren’t alright, my gen-x-eration isn’t right to sit by slack-jawed and dumbstruck, and laughing ironically at the (ok, ok) hilarious SWPL blog.


    A great book, tho, that I read recently, that felt like a glimmer of hope (and maybe falls on the dividing line between GenX and GenWHY), Smashed. An excellent, well written memoir about the drinking and debauching of today. Should be required reading for every parent whose child starts high school.

    PS – that trophy entry about the award to the pregnant sophomore was hilarious. and haunting. wtf.

    PPS – Thanks for the galvanizing read today – it helped me feel slightly less slack-jawed.

  5. msfriendly

    May 29, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Lisa – THANK YOU for commenting against your better judgment! I love to read ALL comments…as well as reply.

    “And I, like many others I know, feel paralyzed. Crack open a beer and watch as our society hemorrhages”

    You really hone in on what I felt throughout my entire experience…in fact, I have had to take a small break before blogging new material…now that school is out…b/c I needed to process what happened to me! I feel like I might have PSD (so not kidding)…I get flashbacks of that place when I’m at home and I cry without warning…it’s crazy and weird for me b/c I am not a “crier” or one who likes to experience too much emotion on the spectrum of sadness….

    Paralysis…YES!!!! That’s definitely IT…but not that it has been diagnosed, what do we do about it? Half of the world is in denial I think…drinking beers…(GREAT imagery BTW).

    I have walked past “Smashed” many times, and I think I will actually order it from Amazon now…I have always been interested in the book. I also like the fact that you disagree that this issue is only an inner-city issue…I see it there b/c that’s where I last was…but let’s face it…it’s EVERYWHERE! It is the stuff our “entertainment” industry is made of! Of course this issue far supersedes the streets of the inner-city!

    Thank you for stopping by the site! 🙂


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