13 – What Do the Classroom and Jerry Springer Have in Common?

25 Apr

Thanks, Red Pill, for calling this one to my attention!

An Atlanta inner-city teacher is tag-teamed by a mother/daughter duo in an on-campus beating involving a textbook, grades, and “sporadic attendance.”

Georgia Mother and Daughter Charged in Teacher Attack –


There are sooooo many things wrong with that picture…I don’t know where to begin! Okay, so we know the basics (at least enough of what the school system is willing to divulge to the news)…allow me to offer a behind-the-scenes perspective.

On the day of the incident, Williams says the pair walked into her classroom during class and began arguing about a book.

Okay, that would be true! I have seen parents and whomever else roaming the halls as they please. In fact, TODAY marks the third time within an entire school year that I have seen the campus police. Our Fearless Leader never leaves his office long enough to know what is happening in the hallways, and if he were in the halls while an act of terror were being committed against teacher OR student…he would be of little to no assistance.

Once again, I will state this once again…There.Are.No.Consequences.

A colleague of mine has had a similar thing happen to her…she had a parent walk in to her classroom while she was teaching…and the parent began to argue with her about a progress report grade! My colleague said that she could not believe that she had to ward off a parent while she was trying to teach.  She could not believe that she was in her classroom attempting to preserve HER safety, as well as the safety of her students…moreover, she could not believe that she had to do it alone! No one came to her aid.

  • The panic buttons in our rooms are not connected to anything
  • There is no emergency attack plan that has been put into place via the Administration
  • Our cell phones do not receive any signals
  • There are no visible campus police officers
  • Most teachers have no means of which to lock their class room door (no key)

The teacher says she asked them to leave, but the mother pushed past her and grabbed a book off her desk. According to a police report, when Williams tried to get the book back, the mother pulled the teacher’s hair and threw her to the ground. Then the mother and daughter stomped on the teacher.

While my colleague got off “easy” in the end result, that was not the end of that particular parent. Recently, this parent returned to campus…to a different classroom…and discussed (with students, no less) all the types of bodily harm she planned to inflict upon my colleague. Students say the parent said,

She must not know that I will fight for my child!!!!

Yes…a PARENT said that…so now we understand where students get the idea that fighting is the only way to resolve differences.

Atlanta Public Schools spokesman Joe Manguno says Atlanta school officials have also permanently expelled the girl and ordered her to pay $500 toward the teacher’s medical expenses.

The question I have is: How many times was Ms. Williams ignored by the Administration BEFORE the Thornton Tag Team beat the crap out of her? I’m sure some types of complaint(s) or concerns regarding teacher/student safety were waged well before imminent danger approached. Also, I am as equally sure that her concerns/complaints were ignored because that’s what THIS Administration does best!

Expulsion and $500 is a slap-in-the-face to a professional! If I were Ms. Williams, I would sue that school system! That decree is not real justice because that student will be re-enrolled by next Fall and Ms. Williams probably will never see her $500.

What I am burning to know is sense when has this type of behavior become acceptable? Too much Jerry Springer? Maury Povitch? Is this a socio-economic staple? An issue of poor family structure? I would dare not say that it is an issue of race because I am a black woman…and I do not, have never, and was not raised to act in that manner…so what gives?


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3 responses to “13 – What Do the Classroom and Jerry Springer Have in Common?

  1. The Red Pill

    April 26, 2008 at 8:19 am

    It’s absolute madness out there.

    Photographer Beat Down While Investigating Teacher Beatdown

    Art teacher Jolita Berry, was viciously attacked in a classroom at Reginald F. Lewis High School earlier this month. Video of Berry being pummelled by a female student while rolling around on the ground was captured by videophone and shared with the world via the Internet and television.

    After this incident The Examiner in Baltimore sent a photographer down to the school to take some photos and talk with students.
    Guess what happened?
    She got a beatdown, too.

  2. Arekusu

    May 19, 2008 at 12:45 am

    Get some self defense training and carry a small mag lite. It can be used as a kuboton. I would think that if you make some countermoves and the other party gets hit and feels some pain, they may retreat. Unfortunately, in these scenarios, maybe not, so you just have to keep hitting hard, fast and often until the other party ceases their aggression.

    It’s also good to have some legal training before defending yourself: usually it boils down to, cease your defense when the other party stops attacking you.

    I’m not a lawyer and anything I say should not be construed as legal advice.

    Also, for most states you can get a concealed carry license for a handgun. However, the stupid, unconstitutional victim zone laws may preclude you having the gun at least in your vehicle, if not on your person. However, I have read about one case in Mississippi I believe where a school principal retrieved a .45 auto from his car to stop a school shooting. Anyway….

  3. Al Frank

    February 20, 2010 at 12:30 am

    You poor thing. I was a K-12 sub in the Chicago Public School system (South Side) for 6 months. It was all I could take. It was just like being back in high-school for me, a nightmare!


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